Hercules Hurricane Vehicle Wash System

The Quickest and Most Powerful System Anywhere

The Hercules Hurricane cleans a vehicle in 90 seconds! By descending over the vehicle and covering all five sides at once with 82 water jets, the Hercules Hurricane is simply unmatched for speed and productivity. More vehicles per hour, means more profit per hour!

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Single-Bay Design Adjusts to Your Needs

The flexible, single-bay design takes, up less space and the quick cycle time uses less water than other systems available. And, our Spot Free Rinse Option eliminates the need to towel dry.  That means your options are unlimited. Since the Hercules Hurricane was designed to fit into one bay, and automatically adjusts to the size of your vehicle, you don't need a dedicated wash tunnel to make money. Drive-in and back-out bays are now an option for hi-volume washing. Whether you're washing cars, trucks, limos, vans, RV's or fleet vehicles; the Hercules Hurricane is a profitable solution.

Tradition and Reliability You Can Trust

With a forty-year history as a world-wide industry leader in the vehicle wash systems business, Hercules designs all of its products with a simplicity of design that ensures enduring, reliable operation.

The Hercules Hurricane is the ultimate high-pressure wash system available today. Call today for more information or a site evaluation.

Blueprint Layout of the Hercules Hurricane Bay Layout.
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INT'L PATENT #2195594
USA PATENT #4303087


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