Features & Benefits

Generate Profit, Save Labor, Increase CSI.


  • Ability to wash, wax, and seal any size vehicle in under five minutes.
  • Wash, wax, and seal over 100 vehicles per day.
  • Equipped with spot-free rinse eliminating towel drying.
  • Touch-free car wash system guaranteed not to cause vehicle damage.
  • Environmentally safe and designed to clean and recycle wash water.
  • Easily maintained in less than 15 minutes a month.
  • Customizable to fit any wash bay size or layout.


  • Up-sell the wax/seal option and generate thousands in additional profit. Use the Profit Center Tool – * BONUS * See Dealership’s Loyalty Program
  • Clean all customer service cars
  • Maintain your pre-owned vehicles and front-line inventory
  • Save approximately 1 hour on new car delivery
  • 20-year warranty on parts
  • Support:
    • Troubleshooting resources and live video service calls
    • Our exclusive Dealership’s Loyalty Program
      (Includes promotional assets)

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