Emergency Vehicles

A Hercules Emergency Vehicle washing system will save you time and labor.


  • Minimize downtime. With the ability to wash, wax and seal any size vehicle in five minutes or less, one operator can wash up to 50 vehicles a day, and two can take on more than 100. You’ll save 30 minutes or more on the wash, wax and seal of every vehicle, every use.
  • Protect exterior equipment and finish. Hercules car wash systems are 100% brushless and touchless. No moving part ever comes into contact with the vehicle, so it cannot damage the finish or fixtures, including light bars, decals or radio telemetry equipment. In addition, our reverse osmosis attachments produce “spot-free” water, eliminating the need to towel dry.
  • Customize to your size and space. Hercules automatic car wash systems are custom-made to fit the space you have. Our standard systems are designed in two sizes: 9’ × 22’ to accommodate small- to medium-size vehicles and 11’ × 25’ to accommodate larger vehicles. For oversized vehicles, units are custom built to your specifications.
  • Durable and low maintenance. With a streamlined design, Hercules’ car wash systems are easily maintained in less than 15 minutes a month. There’s just one button to push, so the emergency vehicle system is simple to operate without extensive training. Best of all, Hercules’ brush-free mechanics mean fewer moving parts, so you can count on the system’s durability and dependability 365 days a year.

Find out which Hercules car wash system is right for you, and learn more about custom options. Call 1-800-227-0495 or contact us online for a FREE onsite facility evaluation by one of our product specialists.