Read what our dealership customers are saying on the following features:

 Parker Chevrolet “We have found that well over 70% of our customers are selecting to have their vehicles waxed and sealed for a nominal charge of $10.95. It is surprisingly easy to get them to do it. The additional revenue is another positive for us, whereas before, the area we had used to hand wash the cars was an overhead expense that we are glad to be rid of.” Rolla Parker III, President

Ron Hulett Automotive “It has been about one year since we purchased our Hercules System and I can honestly say it has been some of the best spent money so far. The speed of the system now allows us to wash 100% of the vehicles. Once we implemented the spiff program, the service advisors were able to successfully up-selling the Hi-Glo wax and sealant to over 60 % of our clients. We are extremely pleased to be netting $4,700 a month in new profits. Our CSI is up about 8% over this time last year and I believe that this upward trend will continue as a result of the quality of service we provide.” Rick Cinkosky, Service Manager

Gensinger Motors
“It’s now been a little over a year since we purchased our two new models 6000s and I wanted to let you know how truly satisfied we’ve been with the quality of the system over the years. Since day one, we immediately put it to use helping us keep our CSI levels up and producing a new stream of income in our service department.” Ken Gensinger, Jr., Owner

Reidsville Nissan “It has now been over a year since we purchased our Hercules 6000 system from you. We are completely satisfied with all aspects of the system.  All our service customers get to see the system in action whenever they bring their cars in for service. This more than encourages them to have their cars waxed and sealed. We “upsell” the wax and sealant for $14.95 with more than half our service customers opting to have it applied. This alone proving almost $10,000.00 additional profit per month to the service department.” Keith Martin, Service Manager

Champion Ford | Ed Corley Ford “I wanted to share with you that, with the new Hercules 3000 installed in both of our stores, we are now able to wash all our service customers’ vehicles. Since replacing the old rollover system that was constantly breaking down or needing maintenance, we no longer need to apologize for not being able to return a clean vehicle. Best of all is, the upsell of additional cleaning services is adding to the bottom line.” Randy Sheesley, Operations Coordinator

Antelope Valley Nissan “Just wanted to thank you again for helping our Nissan and Volkswagen dealerships purchase the Hercules Vehicle Washing System. Since the installation it has brought down our labor costs as we previously washed all vehicles by hand. Our customers love it as well because they get a clean car with each service visit and it’s much more convenient because we save time by using the Hercules System. We offer a deluxe wash with the sealant at an additional cost, and this has been a popular option as well, which in turn has helped pay for the system itself!” Tim Richardson, Executive Manager

Antelope Valley Nissan “Just wanted to thank you again for helping our Nissan and Volkswagen dealerships purchase the Hercules Vehicle Washing System. The installation went smoothly, and the operation of the units couldn’t be easier. It has helped us bring down our labor costs as we previously washed all vehicles by hand! I am happy to Highly recommend the Hercules Vehicle Washing System.”  Tim Richardson, Executive Manager

Alert Ambulance “I am writing to thank you for the great service we have received along with our Hercules Vehicle Wash System. In the time we have been using the system we have seen a great reduction in both the time and effort involved in keeping our fleet clean daily. Our drivers and EMT’s appreciate the ease and speed at which the system operates.” Rob Davis, President

Spirit Medical Transport When we asked Brian Hathaway why he choose Hercules Systems, he said “We have made a significant investment into having one of the best fleet of vehicles on the road. To save our employees precious time from having to hand wash their new vehicles at the end of the shift, they will now be able to have it washed & waxed from top to bottom in a matter of minutes, thanks to the new automatic Hercules Wash System we purchased.” Brian Hathaway & Aaron Guthrie, Spirit Medical Transport

Gensinger Motors “It’s now been a little over a year since we purchased our two new models 6000s and I wanted to let you know how truly satisfied we’ve been with the quality of the system over the years. Since day one, we immediately put it to use helping us keep our CSI levels up and producing a new stream of income in our service department.” Ken Gensinger, Jr., Owner

Blackburn Chryslter Dodge Jeep
“Thank you for being persistent in finally getting me to understand the value. My service advisers are able to up-sell the wax and seal which is generating new revenue. We are able to keep our inventory sparkling and our make ready detail department is getting deliveries faster. CSI has also increased!” Brother Blackburn, Owner

Davenport Subaru of Orillia “The system has increased our performance and our customers love getting their vehicles washed and are happy with the quality of the wash. I’m extremely pleased not to have to worry about damaging any vehicles. We have had a strong response with upselling the wax sealant and can see that this will be a great profit center. Your service team did a wonderful job with the installation, and I feel strong about recommending a Hercules Car Wash System to any dealership that is concerned about increasing customer satisfaction and adding another profit area.”  Mike Davenport, Owner

Plaza Auto Mall
“It is not very often that you purchase a product and find it to be everything that you thought you purchased and more! We have had “arm” type car wash machines in the past that required constant maintenance and upkeep not to mention damage from time to time. Being a 100% touchless car wash from Hercules we now say goodbye to wash related damage.” Rich Durgin, Fixed Operations Director

Benzel Busch Motor Company “We have been able to greatly increase the number of cars being washed through our service department and have substantially reduced the amount of damage to these vehicles.” Joseph Agresta, Jr. Vice President

Volvo of the Triad “With the Hercules 6000 we now are able to wash all customer vehicles, inventory units, and even our delivery preps without concerns of damage. The Hercules does such a nice job that I even use it to wash my personal collector cars. We have had an extremely positive response from our service customers and have been able to up-sell the majority of the wax/sealant application.” Dean Hines, Operations Managers

Medstar Ambulance “A major factor in the purchase aside from the speed with which we could wash and wax our ambulances in 5 to 6 minutes, was that no vehicle would ever be damaged.  No light bars, antennas or telemetry equipment would ever be damaged and that has been the case.  I am truly convinced of the value of the Hercules Systems for MedStar.” Charley Kelley, President

Elko Motors
”I was skeptical about purchasing a new car wash; however, after the installation of the Hercules System and seeing what it has done for our detail department all concerns have vanished. The Hercules Car Wash has improved our efficiency and performance. It’s simple, easy to use, easy installation and performs a cash was in under 5 minutes.” Chuck Bierbach, General Manager

Lexus of Edmonton “We installed two Hercules 3000 car wash systems recently. The install team was great and was able to get it up and run seamlessly. Since the installation we’ve been able to keep up with demand, as we try to wash every one of our guest’s vehicles that come in for service.”  Kyle Richard, Director of Operations

Payne Chevrolet “I compared your car wash to several other systems at the NADA convention. At the time I thought it had the best wash and value when compared to the other car wash systems.  I did not look at any other car washes because of the service and reliability of the Hercules Car Wash. The new system has several improvements and my guys like it a lot. Having bought 2 systems and have used them for over 15 years, I would recommend the Hercules Car Wash Systems.” David B Payne

Renshaw Automotive Group “Our management staff at Renshaw Automotive Group was looking to upgrade our current car wash system to something more up-to-date and efficient that our current system was not providing us. We spent countless hours researching and trying to find the right fit for our investment. At the 2023 NADA convention in Dallas, we made an appointment with Hercules Systems to sit down and get more info and see if this was the direction we wanted to go. I was concerned with our allowed space to fit a unit in. Robert was very thorough with explaining all the mechanics of the car wash and its operation and he went above and beyond and flew to our dealership and personally measured our spot in the building. The customer service was way above what we expected, and the process was flawless. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.” Shawn Parker, VP of Fixed Operation

Bob Murray
“Prior to installing your system, we were only able to wash between 10-20 cars per day. Since the installation of the Hercules System, we are washing 75 service vehicles per day and all our demonstrators and pre-owned. In addition, all our make ready’s are running through the system, washed, waxed and sealed prior to sale. We are now more efficient than ever while utilizing less labor and personnel.” Tim Martin, President

Newberry Motors
“Our goal in the service department is to have every car that comes through our shop leave cleaner than it was when it came in. It was taking us about 30 minutes to complete an exterior wash on a vehicle, which was causing a substantial bottleneck in our workflow. Now, with our Hercules we complete an exterior in just 5 minutes and as a result productivity has increased substantially.” Kevin Vanatta, President

Northshore University Hospital “Almost a full year has passed since our Hercules Ambulance Wash System was installed and I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with it. We are able to wash and wax our fleet of vehicles daily and we are able to finish each and every one in 5 to 6 minutes. I know we now have the cleanest fleet on the street.” Paul Power

Bay Ridge Auto Group
“Before Hercules Systems, it was tough to keep up with demand and ensure top-notch quality. Now we wash cars quicker and better, allowing us to serve more customers and get great feedback on the cleanliness and shine of their vehicles. Our customers love the results and keep coming back, boosting our business and reputation. Hercules Car Wash has truly changed how we operate for the better.” Robert Scarpaci, General Manager  

Empire Toyota “It has been a few months since we upgraded our Hercules 3000  to the Hercules 6000 Car Wash System and I would like to take a moment to thank you for, you’re continuing excellent service. The system does a great job, and we have had positive feedback from our customers.”  John Maine, Service Manager

Harry K
“We have had the Hercules Car Wash for over 15 years and are extremely satisfied with it. The system is very reliable and continues to help our service department make our very important customers happy and repeatedly come back to us for service.” Gary Myers, Parts & Service Director