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Hercules 3000 Car Wash System

Our seamless wash, wax, and seal process, revitalizes your vehicles in minutes!

Designed to eliminate a labor-intensive process and potential damage of traditional methods, ensuring a smooth, effortless experience every time, leaving your vehicles gleaming with a showroom-quality finish.

Hercules 3000 Details– Best for those servicing up to 50 vehicles a day

  • Specialized Features:
    • Less than 5-minute cycle time per vehicle. One employee can wash, wax and seal up to 50 vehicles a day, and two employees can wash, wax and seal up to 100.
    • 16-second Hi-Glo wax sealant application that you can upsell to service customers, turning your wash bay into a lucrative profit center.Use the Profit Center Tool BONUS See Dealership’s Loyalty Program
    • Reverse osmosis spot-free rinse system
    • Patented water recovery and recycling equipment
    • High-power vehicle dryers
  • Sizes: 9’ × 22’ for small- to medium-size vehicles and 11’ × 25’ for larger vehicles. Custom builds are available to accommodate oversized vehicles, as well as any wash bay size or layout.
  • Process: Six-step cycle includes spot-free rinse to eliminate towel drying. With our brushless design, no moving parts ever touch the vehicle, so Hercules can guarantee the finish and fixtures of your vehicles won’t be damaged.
  • Construction: 6061-T5 anodized aluminum structure frame, made in the USA at our Huntington Station, New York facility.

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Brushless Car Wash

Find out how to put the Hercules 3000 automatic brushless car wash system to work for you.
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