Let us show you how investing in a Hercules System can help you to:
Generate Profit I Save Labor I Increase CSI

  • Easily up-sell our wax/sealant option, applied in just 16 seconds
  • Save approximately 1 hour in new car delivery
  • Wash, Wax and seal a vehicle in 5 minutes or less
  • Spot-free rinse eliminates towel drying
  • Accommodates all size vehicles
  • Custom built to fit to any size wash bay
  • Guarantee no damage to vehicles


Lane Motors, South Melbourne, AU. “We are pleased with the performance of the Hercules System. We are finding most service customers are opting to pay for the wax when offered a wash for free so the machine will pay for itself within 18 to 24 months. We now have a non-productive wash bay fully productive, earning profits for our dealership.” R.G. Bohnsack. 

New Hunter Holden, St. Leonards, AU. “We are washing approximately 70 cars on average, and it handles this with ease. It has performed exactly as you described. We congratulate you for your excellent support and back up provided from your staff.” Kim Logan. 

North City Holden, Osborne Park, AU. “Our Hercules System has been installed for several weeks and we are absolutely delighted, it is very quick and no scratches.” Dennis Loader. 

Lexus of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB. “Since the install we’ve been able to keep up with demand, as we are now able to wash every one of our guests’ vehicles that come in for service.” Kyle Richard

Mons Borinage Motos (MB), Othis, FR. “We are convinced that this acquisition allows us to take better care of the preparation of our new vehicles as well as our second-hand vehicles. The service that we are now able to offer our customers is worthy of the brand we represent and sets us apart from traditional “car wash” which do not enjoy the best reputation.” J.P. Rousseau

Garage Landais- Citroën Paimpol, FR. “Thank you for your system as I have now a unique high-performance device- which has brought me new customers and saves me a lot of time for preparation my VN & VO. “Mr. Landais

Autohaus Volpert & Bisinger, Bad Soden, DE.  We used to wash all new vehicles and demo cars by hand. Our attendants are happy with the system because they can wash the car quickly. The increased productivity of the staff achieved by this system amortizes the acquisition cost in less time than we had assumed.” Autohaus Volpert.

Plaza Auto Mall, Brooklyn, NY. “It is not very often that you purchase a product and find it to be everything that you thought you purchased and more! We service over 300 cars per day and sell 1200 New and Used cars a month. The manpower savings were more than I expected.” Rich Durgin.  

Reidsville Nissan, Reidsville, NC. “We “upsell” the wax and sealant for $14.95 with more than half our service customers opting to have it applied. This alone proving almost $10,000 additional profit per month to the service department.” Keith Martin.  

Parker Chevrolet, Champlain, NY. “We have found that 70% of our customers are selecting to have their vehicle waxed and sealed for a nominal charge of $10.95. It is surprisingly easy to get them to do it.” Rolla Parker III. 

Empire Toyota, Oneonta, NY. The system does a GREAT job, and we have had positive feedback from our customers. Thank you for a great year and we look forward to many more.” John Maine. 

Gensinger Motors, Clifton, NJ. “We immediately put it to use helping us keep our CSI levels up and producing a new stream of income in our service department. Ten years later we purchased our second system and were able to add an additional wash bay for our New and Used Vehicle Department.” Ken Gensinger Jr.

 Alcamadrid Auto, SA. “We are very satisfied  with the economic results-both in washing speed and in water and product savings- that this installation provides and we trust that this trend will continue in the following years.” Philippe Bignaud. 

Auto Catalia, SA. “The characteristics of the brand we represent  requires a type of washing and waxing that discourages the use of traditional brush machines. With the Hercules 3000 we can offer a completely “hand wash” with advantage of speed in our favor.” Manuel Catala.  

Arnold Clark aka Harry Fairbairn, Dumfries, UK “Since the Hercules installation we have seen extensive benefits to our business. The volume of the cars being cleaned daily has doubled due to the efficiency of the system. This allows us to satisfy our service and sales customer needs a lot quicker.” Grant Williamson. 

Walkingshaw VW/KIA, Cumbria, UK. “Our washing time per car has fallen from 15 minutes to less than 5 and using the “spot free rinse” function we are able to wash our cars and leave it in the sunshine and it dries genuinely “spot free.” We use the gloss process to finish our new/used car stock so saving on re-polishing time. This saves us both time and money.” Andy Walkingshaw. 

Hammond Motor Group, Halesworth, UK “I had to write to you with my sincere congratulations on producing a very good piece of equipment. Originally, we were hand washing manually, time consuming to say the least. Soon after our investment with the Hercules our throughput and efficiency increased dramatically. The use of spot free water and the wax treatment saves time and produces excellent results. The wax treatment is now providing a revenue stream. Our machine works almost continuously, trouble free from 7am till 6pm.” Derek Hammond. 

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